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National gospel recording artist, songwriter and TV personality are just a few titles Alexis “Lexi” Allen, is known for. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, the founder of GEAT Cosmetics has been seen on many stages across the U.S. and heard over the airwaves. As an influencer in the music industry and with a huge following across social media platforms, including YouTube, Lexi has made her mark in the entertainment industry.

Having worked with countless talented makeup artists in her career, Lexi began to be captivated with how makeup enhances one’s beauty, whether it’s on camera or in everyday life. Lexi has had the pleasure of performing with some of the biggest names in the industry, from Fred Hammond to the late great Gerald Levert. She has also gained recognition from her work on the small screen, including unforgettable Stellar Award performances and bringing her unique perspective and humor to the round table as a Co-host on TV One’s Sister Circle. Lexi was graced with the title of being the longest running Co-host on BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel Show. It was through these experiences including hosting her own tv show The Lexi Show on The Word Network, that Lexi began to understand the importance of the quality of makeup. She was especially drawn to the application of it, for being onstage, in front of the lights and cameras.

Lexi’s passion for makeup began in 1997 when she was on the Tour of Life tour, headlined by Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond and Yolanda Adams. She took notice of how Yolanda’s makeup stood out from everyone else’s. Lexi learned that Yolanda’s quality of makeup was superior, thus creating a seamless application. Immediately intrigued, with a mission and purpose in mind, Lexi connected with a renown and highly sought after makeup artist in her region. Through mentoring, she learned and developed her skills within the makeup industry, which included the application of makeup, technique, brushes, brands, etc. Over 20 years later, Lexi is still as passionate about makeup now as she was then.

The goal of her new line, GEAT Cosmetics, is to celebrate the inner and outer strength and natural beauty of women. This is done by enhancing their confidence and revitalizing their spirits. To accomplish this, she has created a high-quality makeup brand that is complimentary for all skin tones.

Lexi believes that makeup is more than just techniques, colors and brushes, it can be empowering. A positive, creative and greater sense of self becomes evident when one feels confident.

With GEAT Cosmetics, Lexi hopes that her makeup brand will make those who wear it have that confident, self assured feeling in every moment of their lives.