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: Pink

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This new blender is the new salvation for your foundation and concealer!!

Newest design microfiber sponge. It will save more foundation than any other sponge. At the same time, gives you a more smooth and flawless finish on your face, which is what God wants.

SAVES COSMETICS: We know that the traditional makeup sponge will absorb half the foundation when you apply it. But this fiber sponge resists absorption, therefore it can save you 50-70% on makeup products. Using fiber makeup sponges is a great tool especially when you want a skin-like application and not full coverage. 

CAN BE USED WET OR DRY: It will become bigger when wet.  For foundation and concealer, USE WET ALWAYS!!

MULTI FUNCTION: Perfect for foundation, liquid/ cream foundation. You also can use it for cheeks powder or highlighters when dry

SIMPLE USE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Package includes 1 piece microfiber make up sponge.  To clean, gently use a mild shampoo and run it under warm water until all product is gone.  Repeat until the water runs clear.  Do not pierce with nails.