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Omega 18 H Setting Spray

: Dewy

Our weightless formula sets your makeup to stay in place which increases the lifespan of your makeup look. Omega prevents fading and smudging.

This vegan formula is designed to keep makeup looking fresh by providing a breathable micro-mist. Suitable for all skin types and leaves behind a beautiful finish, (Dewy or Matte). The formula doesn't feel oily or sticky on the skin. Once applied, it dries translucent and helps to give your skin a polished glowing, radiant look.

Use: Directions: Shake for 5 seconds to activate ingredients. Take bottle 2-3” away from face and about 4-5 sprays should do the trick.


Lasting up to 18H+
Microfine Mist+
Water proof+
Smudge proof+
Oil free+
Cruelty free