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January 2022 Scholarship Recipient
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***Helping deserving HBCU students in need***


GEAT Cosmetics partners with True Blue 1881, a nonprofit organization, by committing to help their cause since our very first sale. We donate10% of our monthly sales to a student at a HBCU. We are blessed to be a blessing!

You are the answer to someone’s prayer!

All you have to do is purchase your GEAT products and a student will benefit.


1881 True Blue Mission

True Blue 1881 is committed to providing assistance and resources to full-time students at all 107 HBCUs. We desire to create a world where students are free of food, shelter, and economic insecurities. We aim to help students successfully complete their matriculation.


1881 True Blue Vision

True Blue 1881 was created by Atlanta University Center Alumnae, who currently provide assistance to HBCU students in need. True Blue 1881 continues to grow, and we are excited about what the future holds. 


1881 True Blue Team

Mira BrightEyez
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